THE VET’S DAUGHTER by barbara comyns


like walser is an outsider artist.

(it’s not very helpful to say but: a book you don’t really feel like describing–but to say (nonchalantly) (or hiss) : “read it” …also a book that you don’t want to analyze overly much. at least not with logic. maybe a different, weirder, more hopeful tool.)

She went to art school in London where, for the first time, she discovered public libraries. “[I] read until I was almost drunk on books, but my own writing became imitative and self-conscious. In the end, with great strength of mind, I destroyed all the stories and half-written novels I’d written over the years,” Comyns wrote near the end of her life.

first page from THE VET’S DAUGHTER:

pick it up from your local library or the publisher.

and up in the near next: WHO WAS CHANGED AND WHO WAS DEAD

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