BLOOD FABLE by Oisín Curran



wah! i hadn’t realized BLOOD FABLE was already out. such a blur these past few months have been that somehow i missed its release. well no matter, but this is a singular portrait of childhood by the great Oisín Curran, author of the fantastic MOPUS. here’s what i wrote about Blood Fable:

This careful and loving rendering of a child’s mind proves that acts of storytelling were once not so much vehicles for escape but instead crucial rehearsals for being. A remembrance of lost time—or maybe, to reference its Buddhist undergirding, an alaya-vijnana, a storehouse consciousness—Curran’s vision of boyhood is perfect in details and sublimely moving. Blood Fable is a magnificent double take, which—like a bistable optical illusion (duck or rabbit?) —allows two universes to coexist. A rapturous adventure tale where the very essence of adventure is subverted so that fantasy and reality conflate; this is done not for temporary trickery but to deepen our comprehension of the real.

from the great canadian press: Bookthug

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