AWP is pronounced mwahaha i’d said and meant but nonetheless had a good time there and met and talked with good folk . but the demographics of the event brought me to think and talk about and keep thinking about the mongrel coalition against gringpo … some said they saw the mongrels by what they’re particularly reacting against and so as all about KG and conceptual poetry, which frankly i could give two shits about. for me i love the mongrels cuz they give voice to an anger and to unsaid, long-suppressed complaints not through academic footnote but with shotgun poetry. (i love the mongrels too cuz they could give a shit whether i don’t or do.) so my ardor is not precisely becuz their enemy is my enemy since their enemy number one is floating methane on some not-mine moon. it’s for me less to do with anti-CP than finally making more visible the way power moves (and thus how oppression done) : making more visible how that happens in my own then shamed mind and in those important rooms. so i love the mongrels. it may all turn robespierre next month but the initial strikes are mayhem and genius.



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