FOG & CAR named a fave read for 2013

Over at The Quarterly Conversation the dashing poet/translator/knot maker Ian Dreiblatt puts up his favorite reads of 2013. Here’s what he writes about Fog & Car:


A lot of steam is wasted in literary criticism on parsing the opposition of “experimental” writing to “realism.” Fog And Car is profoundly both, and each in its best sense. It’s experimental in how the book, willful as water and superbly attentive, creates its own unfamiliar shape in response to the minute exigencies of language. At the same time, it produces a deep realism in its faithfulness to the feeling of being a person. He has the tempo, breath, & tonal sense of a great musician. I’m dying to read his second, The Strangers, just out from Black Square Editions.

Read the whole list here:

Pick up a copy of Fog & Car from SPD or Amazon.



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