Reading 1/22/2014 with Amanda Davidson at Berl’s


berls poetry shop

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 7PM

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

126A Front Street

Please join us for the inaugural reading in our new human brain confetti series, VANJA AND THE PANTHER.

The reading will feature the frabjous AMANDA DAVIDSON & supercallifragilistic EUGENE LIM!

Amanda Davidson writes, teaches, and makes performances. She is the author of Apprenticeship (New Herring Press, 2013), a fiction chapbook. Writing, reviews, and author interviews have appeared in the Encyclopedia Project, eMusic, the City Lights Bookstore Blog, and elsewhere. She is at work on a performance novel about the mystic Swedenborg. Visit

Eugene Lim is founder and managing editor of Ellipsis Press. His fiction has appeared in Fence, The Denver Quarterly, EXPLORINGfictions, The Brooklyn Rail and elsewhere. He is the author of the novels Fog & Car (2008, Ellipsis Press) and The Strangers (brand new, Black Square Editions). He works as a librarian in a high school and lives in Queens, NY.

Come early! Stay late! Hark to the bridge as it groans its metal music above! Support writers! Fictive movements! Make your life better! Hear everything!


The Strangers on DC’s 2013 favorite list

Every year I check out Dennis Cooper’s best-of list. Today, tiny bits of my brain combustified when I saw THE STRANGERS was mentioned there. Good company too. Check it out:

FOG & CAR named a fave read for 2013

Over at The Quarterly Conversation the dashing poet/translator/knot maker Ian Dreiblatt puts up his favorite reads of 2013. Here’s what he writes about Fog & Car:


A lot of steam is wasted in literary criticism on parsing the opposition of “experimental” writing to “realism.” Fog And Car is profoundly both, and each in its best sense. It’s experimental in how the book, willful as water and superbly attentive, creates its own unfamiliar shape in response to the minute exigencies of language. At the same time, it produces a deep realism in its faithfulness to the feeling of being a person. He has the tempo, breath, & tonal sense of a great musician. I’m dying to read his second, The Strangers, just out from Black Square Editions.

Read the whole list here:

Pick up a copy of Fog & Car from SPD or Amazon.



Book Notes to THE STRANGERS at largehearted boy

Thanks to David Gutowski at, here’s some musical companionship for my novel THE STRANGERS.

Why not pick up a baker’s dozen of the book to plant in libraries and bus stops? …It should be available on Amazon in a few days, but please consider buying it from SPD or the publisher’s store at Hyperallergic.

 In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book.

Eugene Lim’s The Strangers is a fascinating novel rich in language, both fascinating and surprising.

Stream a playlist of these songs at Spotify.

Read and listen to the whole playlist here:



Read and listen to the whole playlist here:

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