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Ellipsis Press at AWP. Washington, DC | February 2-5, 2011

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new fiction in the current DENVER QUARTERLY

i’m happy to have an excerpt from a novel-in-progress (tentatively titled STRANGE TWINS) in the current Denver Quarterly

Μu’nisah drove us on her motorcycle where the city met the water and down the concrete and synthetic coastline, finally stopping by the ports. She got off and led me to the docks where a very large but somehow familiar-looking ship was moored.

“Do you recognize it? “Mu’nisah asked.

“Yes, but I can’t quite place it.”

“It’s the one where your sister works.”

“Ah ha! Yes, that’s it. But. How do you know about that?”

“Your sister and I are good friends. She’s never mentioned me?”

Embarrassed I had to admit, “The truth is, my sister and I are no longer very close. We used to be. But since we moved to the city, I hardly see her. For some reason we’ve begun to stay out of each other’s way, as if we don’t want to know too much about the other.”

“I see,” Mu’nisah said. “Well, your sister got permission for us to come on board tonight. You’ll have to thank her next time you see her.”

“Yes,” I said, “I’ll remember to do that.”

To read the rest  …why not find a copy at your local library?

2010 favorites

2010 favorites from Andrew Borgstrom, Gabe Durham, Eugene Lim, Kevin Prufer, Cooper Renner, and David Shields here:

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